Studio 8 specialized in developing PC MMORPG and mobile game.


  • 2017Signed a licensing agreement with GameNet
  • 2017Astellia 1st Closed Beta Ended
  • 2016Announced 'Astellia' at G-Star
  • 2016Signed a licensing agreement with Nexon
  • 2015Established STUDIO 8

NTWO Studio

NTWO Studio specialized in developing VR & mobile game.
Developing 'Project B', 'Project ZERO', 'DIVE IN', 'INTO THE RHYTHM' etc.


  • 2017Signed a licensing agreement with Nexon for ‘Project B’ in Japan
  • 2017Signed a Contract to supply offline version to Room Escape Café Franchise ‘Sherlock Holmes’.
  • 2017Supplied DIVE IN room escape franchise to Sherlock Holmes
  • 2017NTwo Studio has been established
  • 2017Signed a licensing agreement with Cyou for 'Project B' in China
  • 2016In 2016, KOCCA has selected for 'high-tech integrated game contents'
  • 2016Supplied 6 games to CGV X BARUNSON VR PARK
  • 2016Supplied VR game 'James’s Legacy' to DeePoon and Baofeng Mojing, (2nd place in DeePoon market)
  • 2015Developing mobile game 'Project B'
  • 2015Established 2SUM GAMES


EVR STUDIO specialized in developing VR contents & Solutions.


  • 2017Signed a licensing agreement with Hyperreal for 'Project M : Daydream'
  • 2016Secures Investment from Altos Ventures and K Cube Ventures
  • 2016Announced “Project M” at G-Star
  • 2016Established EVR STUDIO

NX Games

Barunson E&A to acquired professional studio for developing mobile games.
Developing strategy mobile game 'EX'


  • 2017Award winner at 'UNREAL DEV GRANT’
  • 2017NX Games has become subsidiary of Barunson E&A
  • 2017Winner of 'Unreal Dev Grant'


BE&A Corp. is a US subsidiary of Brunson E&A, a multi-platform game publisher.


  • 2018Established BE&A