• Combination of MMORPG + TCG
  • Astellia
  • Genre : MMORPGRelease Date : 2018

Astellia is the next generation flagship of Studio8 using Unreal Engine 3.
Astellia is a fantasy 3D MMORPG which features large-scale battle and summoning system 'Astell' with trendy TCG element. Players are able to collect cards to create summon new Astell.
Summon up to 3 Astells into an action combat battle to fight by the player.
The summoned Astells have exclusive skills and they are able to learn new skills and level up.


  • 2017Signed a licensing agreement with GameNet
  • 2017Astellia 1st Closed Beta Ended
  • 2016Announced 'Astellia' at G-Star
  • 2016Signed a licensing agreement with Nexon