Ethics Management

In order to become a first-class company,
excellent skills and the right values of the members who move it are important.

Barunson E&A aims to become a trusted and respected company by
enacting and declaring ethics standards for practicing global-level corporate ethics
in line with the current corporate environment.

Based on honesty and trust, we will strive to become a top-notch company
that grows and develops together with all stakeholders by fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities
through fair and transparent ethics standards.
Barunson E&A will endeavor to fulfill its social responsibility
through fair and transparent ethics management.
Code of Ethics
Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

1. Basic Responsibilities

Barunson E&A is committed to becoming a company that is trusted and respected through honest management that conforms to the principles. We envision a company that customers want to do business with, a company that shareholders want to invest in, and a company that employees want to work in, and grow and develop together with all stakeholders.

2. Shareholders and Investors

We do our best to protect the interests and rights of shareholders and investors and treat all shareholders fairly. We respect shareholders' right to know and legitimate requests and suggestions, and build mutual relationships with shareholders. By providing business management information in a timely manner in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the corporate value can be fairly evaluated, and investors can make rational investment decisions. We will increase corporate value through continuous management innovation and growth strategy.

3. Customers and business partners

We always think and act from the customer's point of view and do our best to realize customer satisfaction by providing the best service to customers. We always listen to customers' opinions and suggestions. We keep and manage customer information safely in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We develop partnerships by providing fair opportunities to suppliers and guaranteeing reasonable transaction conditions.

4. All Employees

We respect the autonomy and creativity of individual executives and employees, and provide fair competition opportunities to become a venue for self-realization. We establish a developmental corporate culture based on mutual trust and understanding. We evaluate and reward our employees fairly according to their performance. We give equal opportunities to employees according to their abilities and qualities, and do not treat them unfairly based on school ties, family background, blood, gender, religion, race, disability and nationality, etc.

5. Country and Society

As a corporate citizen, we respect national policies and laws and fulfill our social responsibilities. We respect the traditions and culture of the local community and do our best for common prosperity and development with the local community. We contribute to social development by fulfilling a role that enriches society through social service activities, etc.

Code of Conduct

1. General Code of Conduct

Our executives and employees consider honesty and credit as the most important values, and pursue personal growth and the development of the company together through continuous self-development and fair work performance. As a proud members of Barunson E&A, we shall not undermine the credibility and honor of the company or do anything that impairs the dignity of the company.

2. Business with Customers

Comply with fair trade order. All transactions are mutually respected and should be done fairly on an equal footing. We do not make any kind of unreasonable demands using our superior position. Restrict business with companies that have illegal acts such as tax evasion, accounting fraud, and environmental pollution.

3. Fair Job Execution

Executives and employees shall not engage in any act that may impede fair business performance. We shall not request or receive any act that impairs fair job execution such as economic benefits including money, gifts, entertainment, or solicitation, pressure, etc. in connection with work. We do not offer or accept any money or valuables except for souvenirs and gifts of ordinary level.

4. Protection of Company’s Assets

Do not use company assets or information for personal gain. The company's equipment and facilities shall not be used for purposes not directly related to the company's business. We shall not engage in unfair trade practices, such as pursuing personal gain by using the position, or buying or selling securities, real estate, or other assets using non-public information obtained from the company.

5. Mutual Respect for Employees

All employees strive for the growth of the company through mutual respect, smooth communication and active work cooperation. Develop an organizational culture that respects each other and cultivates basic courtesy required at work. A superior must not give orders that are unreasonable or personal to a subordinate. Subordinates must obey the legitimate instructions from the superiors and reject unjust orders.

6. Information Protection

Do not use insider information of the company to gain undue advantage for yourself or others. Important company information shall be passed on to necessary personnel promptly, and do not distort information or disseminate false information. The company's information and information system shall not be accessed without legitimate authority, and necessary measures shall be taken to prevent unauthorized access to it.

7. Compliance with the Code of Ethics

All of us must faithfully comply with the Code of Ethics as the basis for our actions and value judgments. If you become aware that the conduct of yourself or others violates the Code of Ethics, you must report it to the Ethics Department. The company should not give any disadvantage to the person who reported the above facts.